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EU-project - Summary


The primary aim of the project is to promote the dialogue and common understanding of the civil organizations in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary by discovering and further developing the common cultural tradition in this region, the historical and scientific multicultural and multilingual values in the culture and science based on the rich Genersich tradition.
Further aim is to disseminate "best practice" in order to generate sustainable impact in mutual tolerance (by the help of the civil organizations being active in the project) and to influence the population of the regions to widen dialogue. For that the ways and means are the strengthened network of the civil organizations and distribution of the products generated by the project.
6 events were planned.  The events 3, 4 and 5 are in the heart of the project. The events 1 and 2 are for the preparatory and event 6 for the follow up activities.
The event 3 in "Levoca" and "Kezmarok" (SK) and Nedec (Poland) in September or early October of 2010 with Hungarian, Polish and Slovak participants are aiming at the dialogue, the study and research of the common values of the rich Genersich tradition and the networking.



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